• Create and adopt a town Climate Action Plan

  • Establish a Tree Committee to ensure public trees are cared for and protected

  • Preserve green spaces, open spaces, parks, and natural habitats through thoughtful land-use planning

  • Support local conservation efforts, including tree planting initiatives, wetland restoration projects, and preservation of wildlife corridors

  • Collaborate with schools, community centers, and environmental organizations to educate residents about cost-saving sustainable practices, conservation, and the preservation of the natural beauty of Penfield

  • Organize workshops, seminars, and educational campaigns on topics such as recycling and energy conservation

  • Aim to create public facilities to LEED certification standard and energy-efficient design standards

Responsible to Our Environment

This tree started as an Irene Gossin seedling that was planted 50 years ago.

  • Install speed warnings and enhanced crosswalks to improve traffic safety

  • Increase opportunities for residents to voice concerns and contribute to solutions regarding public health and safety

  • Collaborate with the County government to combat the opioid crisis

  • Continue to partner with the Monroe County Sheriff Department to keep Penfield safe

  • Ensure the town justices have adequate staff and resources for constitutionally-guaranteed fair and just trials

  • Provide updated public health resources to ensure safety of all residents

  • Combat discrimination in all forms

Secure Public Health and Safety

closeup photo of person riding a orange bicycle
closeup photo of person riding a orange bicycle
  • Promote active neighborhood groups to address residents' needs, including initiatives like leaf collection, composting and consolidating trash pickup days within neighborhoods

  • Enhance the preservation and utilization of historic sites such as Shadow Pines, the Clark House, and Clark Barn, by collaborating with community groups to maximize their potential

  • Expand public participation opportunities within town governance

  • Develop additional services for seniors to cater to the needs of the aging population

  • Foster collaboration between the public, town committees, community organizations, neighboring municipalities to ensure every resource is to every current and future resident of Penfield

  • Empower the Historic Preservation Board with increased authority and resources to safeguard Penfield’s architectural heritage

  • Encourage public engagement through creative initiatives like Penfield Heritage Days, Earth Day, Fourth of July

  • Facilitate dialogue and active involvement in shaping the community’s future

  • Develop ways to engage with all age groups

  • Collaborate with the School Districts within Penfield to help engage student voices and representation with matters relating to the Town

Foster Community Engagement

five people wearing blue denim jeans standing near maple leaves
five people wearing blue denim jeans standing near maple leaves
  • Further connect our town for young families by increasing the availability and accessibility of sidewalks and bike lanes

  • Maintain the suburban character of Penfield by including more attainable housing options such as duplexes and townhouses

  • Expand zoning categories to encourage sustainable and attainable development accommodate housing options for every resident and family in Penfield

  • Revitalize vacant storefronts by implementing community-supported policies that prioritize local businesses and initiatives

  • Prioritize people-oriented development

  • Expand public participation opportunities for the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Prioritize cost-saving, green building standards, energy efficiency and quality of existing developments

Ensure Responsible Development

blue red yellow and green lego blocks
blue red yellow and green lego blocks