Introducing Tiffany Rice:

A Dedicated Leader

for Penfield

Driven by a deep-rooted commitment to the betterment of our town, I envision a future where Penfield thrives as a dynamic and forward-thinking community. My candidacy is fueled by the belief that through collaborative leadership, innovative initiatives, and a steadfast focus on residents' needs, we can unlock Penfield's full potential and secure a brighter tomorrow.

This vision encompasses several key pillars essential for Penfield's progress. By prioritizing smart growth and responsible planning, I intend to cultivate a vibrant and harmonious community, where residents of all ages can flourish. Our strategic approach to economic development will stimulate local businesses, attract new investments, and create sustainable job opportunities, ensuring a prosperous future for Penfield and its residents.

Furthermore, this campaign emphasizes a commitment to transparent governance. I firmly believe that an engaged community is a strong community. By fostering open lines of communication, actively seeking public input, and promoting collaboration between residents, local organizations, and government entities, we will build an inclusive decision-making process that truly represents the diverse voices of Penfield.

As a staunch advocate for environmental stewardship, I recognize the pressing need to safeguard Penfield's natural resources for future generations. I am dedicated to implementing sustainable

practices, promoting renewable energy initiatives, and protecting our parks, waterways, and green spaces. By forging a greener path forward, I seek to preserve the town's natural beauty and create a healthier, more resilient Penfield.

With a compelling vision, unwavering dedication, and a proven track record of community service, I am prepared to lead Penfield into a prosperous era of innovation, inclusivity, and progress. By uniting the community around a shared vision and tirelessly working towards its realization, I am determined to shape a Penfield that we can all be proud to call home.

- Tiffany

From a working-class family, Tiffany Rice has embarked on a journey that has shaped her into an experienced and compassionate leader. In 1996, she moved to Denver to pursue a bachelor's degree in nonprofit management and philosophy, followed by all classwork for a master's degree in public policy. This educational background has equipped her with a strong foundation in effectively managing programs and people while advocating for positive change.

Throughout her career, Tiffany has consistently demonstrated unwavering commitment to building strong communities through the development of meaningful relationships. Her professional experience spans across various management positions offering diverse perspective on leadership and problem-solving.

One notable achievement in Tiffany's career is her involvement in program development for the City and County of Denver's Department of Environmental Health. Collaborating with federal, state, and local officials, she played a vital role in initiatives aimed at improving air quality around Denver schools and neighborhoods. This ability to work with different stakeholders and navigate complex issues showcases her capacity to tackle challenges head-on.

Tiffany's approach to program development emphasizes the importance of cultural equity and anti-racism, ensuring that all initiatives prioritize fairness and inclusivity. Her ability to collaborate with community leaders will be instrumental in achieving project goals and realizing the collective Penfield vision.

Tiffany's upbringing as the daughter of a truck driver and a waitress instilled the values of hard work, perseverance, and determination. Witnessing her stepfather build a multi-million dollar inventory management business from scratch further ignited her entrepreneurial spirit.

With her experience in owning and managing several small businesses, she has volunteered her time to make a positive impact on numerous fellow small business owners. Notably, as a Program Facilitator at the Venture Jobs Foundation in Rochester, Tiffany guided aspiring entrepreneurs through an intensive eight-week program. This guidance helped these individuals establish sustainable business practices that laid a solid foundation for their success.

It's truly fascinating to delve deeper into Tiffany's personal journey and how it has shaped her both personally and professionally. Her love for biking, the creation of a recycling business, and her dedication to family are truly commendable aspects of her life. The decade-long struggle with infertility and their decision to welcome Roux, a Dogo Argentino, into their lives demonstrate their resilience and ability to find joy amidst challenges.

Tiffany's unwavering pro-choice stance is another remarkable aspect of her character. Despite her own desire to have a child, she remained steadfast in her beliefs, and if anything, her journey has strengthened her commitment to advocating for reproductive rights. In light of the potential threats to such rights, particularly with the reversal of Roe, Tiffany felt compelled to step into the realm of politics to make a positive impact and protect the fundamental rights of individuals.

If you're interested in learning more about Tiffany's vision for Penfield and connecting with her personally, the invitation to reach out seems like a great opportunity to engage further with her campaign and ideas.

About Tiffany

In her leisure time, Tiffany finds solace in engaging with books, particularly those with unconventional perspectives and insights. She has a penchant for banned books, relishing the exploration of diverse viewpoints that challenge conventional norms. This passion for intellectual exploration and open-mindedness further shapes her vision for a society that embraces diversity and respects individual freedoms.

Through her involvement in politics, Tiffany aims to contribute to a brighter future for her community with a steadfast dedication to the values she holds dear. Her personal experiences, unwavering principles, and love for knowledge undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping her vision for a better society.